Long Prairie Gun and Archery Club
P.O. Box 416
Arcata, Ca 95518
The next key exchange meeting is being set- up for April 27th at School House.  The meeting will be held at the old school house.  Doors open at 8a.m. and meeting starts at 9a.m.

The GDRCo owl crew will be accessing the range, after dark, to call a single point between the 100 and 200-yard berms. They will park their truck at the gate blocking access, put out the logging operations sign, walk in to the point, and generally be no longer than 30 - 40 minutes.  This will occur once a week for the next 6-8 weeks.  Since this will be after dark and we have no night events, this should be both safe for the crew and not cause the range any hardship.

We have many range improvement projects planned in the upcoming months.  Please check the calendar regularly as we may have to temporarily close the range while work is being done.

Current and upcoming projects are:
Building new concrete rifle benches, clearing brush to the 600-yard targets, improving the road to drive to the 600 yards, permanent frames for 200 and 300-yard targets, and gongs at most rifle berms.

Thank you,
Craig Casey, LPGAC President

A Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation Law of the State of
California. The specific purpose of this corporation is to
promote recreational gun and archery shooting and to
encourage safe handling of firearms among its' members
and the public, in particular:

A. To encourage recreational gun and archery shooting
among active club members and the participating public at
organized shooting events.  All club activities involving
firearms will be conducted with a view towards safe
handling and proper care of guns as well as improvement of

B. To educate the public regarding responsible firearm use
and to introduce young people to the shooting sports
through hunter safety instruction where they are exposed to
the proper use and respect through NRA certified standards.

c. To provide a range environment with an atmosphere of
fellowship where self-reliance and ethical behavior is
modeled and can be shared by both the  beginner and
experienced shooter alike.